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This article first appeared on soonersports.com in February 2008.

NORMAN, Okla. — David Godbold wasn’t highly recruited out of high school, but he had a dream of playing big-time college basketball. A native of Oklahoma City, he followed that dream by staying close to home to play at OU.

Many doubted his ability to be effective at the Division I level, but Godbold has been a solid contributor for the Sooners since his freshman season. He has established himself as one of the team’s best defenders and has shown a knack for knocking down big shots.

His abilities extend far beyond the basketball court, however. A journalism major and one of the most personable players on the team, Godbold is a natural in front of the camera. He has been a fixture as the team’s spokesperson in promotional spots throughout his career and, last summer, gained some first-hand experience on the broadcast side of things while interning at Channel 5.

Godbold’s dream now is to combine both talents and stay involved with the game he loves by becoming a sports broadcaster.

We recently sat down with David to talk about his future career pursuits, as well as to reflect on some of his experiences over the last four years at Oklahoma.

On his interest in pursuing broadcast journalism:
“I really got interested just by watching TV, watching TNT and seeing how Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley kind of have the backstage pass and get to talk about things they know about. I had the opportunity to work at Channel 5 last summer and just got to see how they go about their daily routine of going out and getting stories, filming stories and writing stories for broadcast. It’s something that I really think I’d be interested in.”

On how much the experience allowed him to get a feel for what it would be like:
“I got to work closely with Mark Rodgers and he showed me how he does things every day. I got to ride with him to different sporting events. It was pretty fun, it wasn’t really strict there. They allow you to bring your own personality, so that’s why I like to do that kind of thing.”

On what his ultimate dream job would be:
“Just doing that for an NBA team, being their sports marketing guy or just being able to write stories about somebody in the NBA. Trying to stay close to basketball is my ultimate goal.”

On the one current teammate he would most want to interview:
“I like interviewing Longar just because he’s always going to come up with some crazy story. I’ve known him for four years but he always comes up with something different that’s going to be something for the fans to hear about.”

On the relationship he has developed with Longar over the last four years:
“It’s been really great. We lived together our freshman year, and then our sophomore year I stayed with Terrell Everett, but he used to come over to the house all the time. Just getting to know him has been really fun. He’s fun to play games with, even though he gets mad when I beat him sometimes. He’s like one of my brothers and hopefully through the end of our careers here we have a good going-out party.”

On living with three other guys on the team:
“Sometimes it’s a little hectic. It’s a little loud over there for me. Longar is always playing his music. I also stay with Taylor and Beau and they’re playing Guitar Hero or just doing random things. I’m always like, ‘Can we just be quiet? Let me just be peaceful.’ Other than that, if we have a big win we all hang out and it’s a lot of fun just having all the guys at our house. It brings the family element to the basketball team.”

On being one of the older guys on the team and what he tries to bring in terms of leadership:
“I just try to bring energy and make sure everybody’s together, whether it’s in practice, the shootaround or whatever. I just try to make sure everybody’s ready to play, that they’re focused and that whatever is in front of us, we have to take care of it 100 percent.”

On how fast the last four years have gone by:
“It’s gone really quickly. I can’t even really believe it. It’s like one day you wake up and you’re playing with Kevin Bookout, and the next day you’re playing with Blake Griffin. It’s gone by fast, but you can’t stop time so it’s good while it’s going. Hopefully we have a good winning streak and that way I don’t lose my last game.”

On his most memorable moment from his playing career:
“Probably winning the Big 12 my freshman year with that group of guys. We had to win six or seven straight games so that was really exciting. And really, I like what we’re doing now and just seeing how these guys are growing. The way we’re playing right now is really exciting.”

On the most special thing about the experience here at Oklahoma:
“Just playing on a team that thinks we’re a family. There are no guys who are out by themselves, everybody’s part of a close-knit group. Playing like that for Coach Capel, and when I played for Coach Sampson, they always keep it like a family atmosphere and that’s what I like about it.”

On his goals for the rest of the season:
“My personal goal is just to win as many games as possible. That’s all everybody really looks at. For this team and how we’re playing right now, I think we have a good chance of making a decent run in the NCAA Tournament if we do make it.”

On where he sees the program going in the future:
“For the future of the program, I know we’re headed in the right direction. We still have Blake and we have a lot of great recruits coming in, so I see us keeping an upward spiral and hopefully getting back to that consecutive postseason streak.”